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Gupta Misthan Bhandar is the most famous Sweet Shop in Pandu Nagar Kanpur as we offer the best quality sweets and namkeens in Kanpur. We offer a wide range of the purest form of candy and namkeens made of pure desi-ghee. Special orders are taken for birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, marriages, and all sorts of small to grand parties. Gupta Misthan Bhandar is becoming the new craze when it comes to gifting and commemorations. Gifting your loved ones “pure and delicious” dessert and namkeens on festivals or special occasions is an awesome idea.


We are the most prestigious and trustworthy name in the field of sweet shops as we have a wide range of quality candy for the buyer and also for gifting purposes to their loved ones living within the city or in some faraway areas across India. For hundreds of years, dessert have been an essential part of all small and big functions be it any religious ceremonies, family functions, small gatherings, any moment of joy, etc. We all know that anything and everything begins with eating and gifting these luscious sugered. Be it is an announcement of a newborn baby, someone’s promotion, special achievement, getting good marks, etc. are some of the most special moments which cannot be left out without commemorating. And for these instances, our Sweets delivers pure and delicious dessert made of desi ghee. We sell our items at affordable prices along with top quality.

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Kaju Katli
Boondi Ke Laddu
Gulab Jamun
Gajar Ha Halwa
Coconut Barfi
image_milk cake
Milk Cake


Gupta Sweets

All of their sweet candy are made either in Refined Oil or Pure Desi Ghee
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